RELEASE #2 - The Turtle Pants!

Yay! Six weeks has passed and today is the release of our second design under the "Made In Gothenburg" concept.
May I present - The Turtle Pants!

These pants are super soft but yet stylish, designed for dancing, playing, jumping kids. The idea came to life when my daughter Ellen refused to wear "hard pants that I can´t ride my bike in".
Everywhere I looked, the only options were leggings or no-shape-sweat pants. So, I designed a pant that's constructed like a pair of jeans but made of soft, organic knit jersey.
The pleating on the knees ads extra movement and a stylish (kind of mc-feeling) detail.

In fact, I love these pants so much that I had to make a pair for myself. (Sorry about bad quality in this pic, but I forgot the camera at home and had to use the computer camera) They are without doubt the softest and most comfortable pants I've ever had and I will probably live in them from now on.

Get The Turtle Pants at www.cloo.se!