Close to release!

With just a few days left until our first release of "Made in Gothenburg",
we are working harder than ever at the Cloo Collection studio.

Labels are being sewed to place, hangtags are being handmade, 
the garments are being carefully wrapped and marked with heart shaped size stickers.

And we are so glad to have our intern Stina with us for six weeks! 
Stina studies pattern construction at Yrkeshögskolan in Borås, Sweden. 
All of my crazy design ideas she brings to life in multiple sizes. 

And today we got the best visit from my dear friend Åsa, 
her husband Simon and their heartbreakingly (yes, that´s a word) 
cute four weeks old baby Max. 
He did a good days work testing our newest tiny 
baby design and oh my god how he rocked it.

Cloo Collection doesn´t have its own Insagram account, 
but you can always follow the feed #cloocollection to see what we´re up to. <3


The New Concept

FINALLY I can show off the new concept for 2013! 
This year, we take our sustainability actions one step further and start producing our designs
in Gothenburg, Sweden.

We want to make the design process more fun, creative and impulsive and we want to reduce the production quantity to make the designs is more unique.

The first of March, we will launch our first new design - in limited edition - and it will be sold for only six weeks. Same goes with every new design throughout the year, which means that if you see something you like - you'd better hurry up and grab it before anyone else does.

The pieces will be numbered with production number - like 7/40 pcs - so that you will know just how special your garment is.

We will still be using only organic fabric, certified by GOTS.

If you wish to read our press release (Only in swedish so far) please go here.