To meet a star.

Those of you who follow Cloo Collection on Facebook have already heard of this but for everyone else: I have to tell you about Roxy.

About a month ago, when I was in the making of our next Made In Gothenburg release, I realized that the sample I had made was too big for my daughter and to small for my son. I called out to our FB-followers to find a fitting model in the size 98/104 cl so that I could check the fitting of the design properly.

I got an email from a proud father:

"Hi, I heard that you were looking for a fitting model in size 98/104. I have what you're looking for!
Our daughter Roxy is 4 years old, cool, good looking and made in Gothenburg. She can't walk on her own since she has a CP-injury but she takes really good pictures, likes to pose and likes well designed clothes."

A few days later, I met Roxy and her mom at our studio to do the fitting. And, although I had seen in the attached photo that this girl was super cute, I could never have imagined the energy and happiness she brought with her when she came.

About two seconds later, I decided that I wanted to take real promotion pictures with Roxy and I contacted her parents again a few days later. And Roxy called me right after:

In the phone: "Hi!"
Me: "Hello, this is Maria. "
Me: "Who is this?"
Phone: "Roxy! I want to take pictures! My mom says that she wants copies."

And there it was decided. And here we have the result. And Roxy's mom is certainly getting copies.
May I present - THE ROXY DRESS:

The Roxy Dress is available in sizes 74-116 at www.cloo.se