Decision time!

Ok, I listed all of the great name suggestions (there are plenty on my facebook page) that I got and thought really hard. What sounds good? What doesn't?

Finally I narrowed it down to three names and you will have to decide for me. The one that gets the most votes win!

UPDATE for all you voters that wants to have a peek at the result: Not even I could figure out which answer was "TBB" and which was "3". So, I did some research and found the info:

Name of the Anorak

The Baby Bat Anorak (3)

The Baby Beetle Anorak (TBB)

The Lab Puppy Anorak (TLP)


What name should the Anorak have? The Baby Bat Anorak The Baby Beetle Anorak The Lab Puppy Anorak
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In Swedish / På Svenska: Nu har jag kollat igenom alla grymma namnförslag och snävat ner till tre. Rösta på det alternativ ni gillar mest!1. The Baby Bat Anorak (Fladdermus-bebis), 2. The Baby Beetle Anorak (Skallbagge-bebis), 3. The Lab Puppy Anorak (Labrador-valp)

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