Three days to go

The samples arrives on Monday. I am excited, optimistic an terrified. What if, what if, what if.

This is how my Monday the 26:th of september 2011 will look like:

I "wake up" after a night of non-existing sleep, too late as usual (the alarm went of an hour and a half ago), with my darling daughter screaming in my ear something that I know means that she WANTS BREAKFAST and has wanted breakfast for about an hour and a half.

I get in the car, because I know that I'm going to have all kinds of stuff with me when I go home in the afternoon, so I can't take the bike or the tram. Or the bus. I tap my fingers nervously at the wheel, singing to the radio and swearing at other drivers because (and this might be only a swedish expression that sounds kind of creapy in english) my nerves are on the outside.
The singing is awful by the way, It's really not so much singing as warming up the voice with sounds like: Lalalalala, prillepralleprålle, oooiiiiiioooo and so on. This only because my singing teacher from highscool once told me that it's the only proper way to start a morning.

When I get to the office I go in to a coma.

I will google the internet for about an hour to se if there's any way to find out when the delivery service might arrive. I will probably clean my room and the loft, maybe three times, rearrange every pice of furniture to make sure there's room for displaying the clothes properly (even though they will not hang there for more than maybe an hour until I take them down).

I will get a call from the delivery company saying that there's no such thing called "Sockerbruket" in their gps, and that my boxes now is being dumped somewhere in a storage barn and... (Ok, this is just one of my what if´s..)

Well OK, I get the delivery, open the boxes and... [This part is just a blur].

- Yes, I will use this post as a reference on Monday evening when I really know what happend. Probably all of it will be correct. - 

In Swedish / På Svenska:

Åh gud, det här orkar jag inte översätta. Men jag kan rekommendera Googles tjänst. Bara kopiera allt ni inte förstår, ställ in från Engelska till Svenska och bered er på en hel del språkfel.

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