Wood board

Since five minutes after I moved in to this new showroom and found out that there was a small storage filled with old safe room stuff, I've been wanting to drag these things out and use for photography. It's mostly old steel containers from the 40's that probably contain some kind of air filter for the safe room. But also, there was some wooden boards to use as walls in the safe room if war struck and all of the people in the house needed to take shelter for a couple of days. I guess the walls would serve as some kind of toilet walls, so that using the toilets bins wouldn't have to be so.. unprivate.

To get the wooden walls out of the tiny door, I had to (well, first of all I checked with the landlord that it was ok for me to use them) empty the whole storage and rearrange. Good morning workout I can tell you!

Sweaty and dirty (Noone has touched these thinks since the house was build in the 1940's) I finally got them out and they were just as ugly as I had hoped! Perfect for photo background.

After draging out some nasty nails that kept them together, they came in place and - Voila! No more boring white backdrop! (for now)

I love the dirtyness and time marks on the wood. Works perfect both in color and black/white.

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