Review #2 - February/March 2011

February came and the work with the business plan was my full priority. I went by boat to visit The Centre of New Businesses (Nyföretagarcentrum), to take part in their free meetings and consultations. If you are thinking about starting your own business, I would strongly recommend you to pay them a visit. They exist in the most swedish cities, and If you don't have one where you live it shouldn't be far away. 

Ellen was helping me to do some calculations and I remember that I at this time was spending quite a lot time at my local gym, to get some distance from the home office and clear my head - it was a great but sadly short lived lifestyle. Now a days I'm happy if I manage to visit the gym once a month..

I started to get some samples of cotton labels, and I remember that I felt euphoric - now it all slowly started to feel more real, like there was actually a chance that this dream might come true.

March arrived and I visited a fabric fair in Borås, guided by my great inspirer Patricia, who runs the clothing brand Isela. The fair made me quite dizzy with millions of buttons, labels, zippers and - of course - thousands and thousands of fabric samples. Sadly I couldn't find any fabric producer that accepted quantities less than like a thousand meters. Way to big quantities for me and my plans.

And in March it was also time to hand in the business plan. Nervously going through page by page over and over again.. 

To read all the blog posts from February, klick here. And from March, klick here. (still in swedish)

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