Review #1 - January 2011

I started to look back on the year that passed and found out that there's way way way to many things to write about than what could possibly fit in just one blog post. Therefor, we will go through 2011 month by month, starting with January of course.


The very first blog post ever on this blog said "Hi and welcome to my journey", kind of. The picture above is from my notebook, a page listing important stuff to do - like "Start cloocollection.blogspot.com" and "Make a jaunty view over the pieces of the collection".
The other one simply says "Write a great fucking budget". Sort of like a note to self.
At this point I was working towards getting the allowance for new businesses, so that's why the budget part was so important.

So, the work was on and there was A LOT to do. It was high time to get going with the samples of the collection, and of course deciding which pieces it should include. The overview on the picture above (to the left) was really helpful to keep a good look over what pieces should have what fabric and so on. At the same time I was struggling to get some of the pieces together and look in reality as they were looking in my head..

I was also making the labels for the brand - and remaking them. Very glad that I made that decision.

I was working at home - at my tiny tiny "office" that allowed me to close the door behind me and hide from my daughter, who was then five months old and screamed as soon as she saw me because she then realized that I wasn't holding her. Made visits to the bathroom or kitchen really hard.

Finally the collection started to take shape, and the samples look like they were supposed to.

Do you recognize them? I surely do.. ;)

To read all the blog posts from January 2011, klick here. (This was before I changed the language, so these posts are in swedish)

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